New The Valleys – Series 2 Preview


The new series of The Valleys starts tonight over on MTV at 10pm.

Series 2 sees the arrival of double trouble identical twins and go-go dancers Jason and Anthony, and the second they enter the house with their toned bodies, eye catching body art and dangerously low v-necks they cause major ructions. The twins are welcomed with open arms by The Valley girls but just how will the existing boys take to a bit of friendly competition?

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Season 5 Episode 2 Preview – Back in Newcastle!

The Geordies’ say goodbye to Amsterdam as they return home to Newcastle for episode 2. Gaz is wanting to reunite with the buck squad, but will the events with Charlotte in Amsterdam, stay in Amsterdam?

Watch Season 5 Episode 2 tomorrow at 10pm on MTV!

Season 5 Episode 1 Online

Goodbye Newcastle!

The first episode of the new Geordie Shore series is now available online – and what a an episode. The house mates get a surprise from Anna when they are told they will be partying and working in Amsterdam. The girls will be organising stag parties and the lads hen parties.

Charlotte and Holly at Work Gaz and Scott at work

Add in a bit of the old Geordie Shore drama and you have one hell of an episode. Gaz confesses some of his feelings for Charlotte in a conversation with Holly. Holly gets pied by James after he told his worldie girlfriend Kate, he wouldn’t talk to her. Vicky and Ricci go for a romantic bike ride, and the list goes on.

Tweedledum and TweedletwatWatch Season 5 Episode 1 online now. Click here.


Season 5 Episode 1 Screen Shots

The episode is over and here’s the screen shots we took throughout. In the first episode of Season 5, the cast get a surprise from Anna when they are told they will be partying and working in Amsterdam!