Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Geordie Shore series 2 episode 4 is over and wow, for us, it’s certainly been the best episode so far. So much stuff going on. Here’s a brief recap:

 Don’t read if you haven’t seen this episode yet!

  • Gaz and Sophie are sick of not having Charlotte around. So he sets off to persuade her to come home, and of course how could she not return to the Geordie Shore house.
  • Anna assigns Ricci, Sophie and James a new job, spray tanning some girls. When they turn up, James awkwardly realises it’s the lass who he managed to pull.
  • Charlotte returns to the home and everyone immediately begins drinking and celebrating. But wait… where’s has Gaz and Charlotte gone? It’s only been a few hours since her return and they’ve already ended up in the ‘f**k hut’.
  • Everyone is out having a good time, and Holly is still trying to get with James. But James is busy chatting up the same girl he pulled before. So Holly decides to pull a random lad and they both bring them back to the house.
  • Vicky is starting to feel ashamed and guilty over her relationship situation and organises a meet up with Dan. She tries to explain the situation and break up with Dan, but ends up tashing on instead!
  • Sophie is let down by her boyfriend again when he “misses the train”.
  • and finally… Holly finally catches James off guard and sleeps with him, which James regrets, and Holly not impressed. Vicky also finally sleeps with Ricci. That’s right, ‘She bangs!’.

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