Gary Beadle

Impulsive Geordie joker Gaz is a cheeky chappy who likes to keep the lasses happy. Geordie Shore Gary

He lives for the moment and loves making the most of being young, free and single. Not one to take life too seriously, he tries to inject a dose of good-time Geordie juice into whatever he’s doing. He prides himself on knowing everyone in Newcastle – with one his best mates being ex Big Brother winner Anthony Hutton.

A man of high standards when it comes to pulling, he lives for the ladies and is on a constant mission to make sure he’s the best lover they’ve ever had. Not one to forget his conquests, Gary used to take photos and keep a scrap book of all the girls who stayed over – at last count it contained 64 snaps.

His cheeky banter and good looks were put to good use last summer when he worked as a club promoter in Malia, where he hopes to return to later this year. He also loves looking his best and doesn’t mind putting in the work at the gym – sometimes up to five times per week – to make sure he’s tip-top for when he’s out on the town.

Gary doesn’t do relationships because he finds it hard to resist temptation He has only been in love once and this was in 2008. His self-listed attributes include: being able to have a laugh with everyone, a manhood that’s the size of a TV remote control (he even has photographic evidence) and being “mint” in bed… or so he says!

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