Holly Hagan

Holly is a girl who has one thing on her mind… and it isn’t her boyfriend Dan. In fact, whilst he thinks they’re Middlesbrough’s version of Posh and Becks, she makes sure the only pair under the spotlight are her FF fake boobs which Holly tricked her Mum into buying.

A real goodtime northern lass, but a diva at heart, a night out on the town isn’t complete for Holly unless she’s totally hammered with all eyes on her. Her tips for success inlcude wearing next to nothing apart from ten pairs of fake eyelashes, five layers of fake tan and snogging her best mate in front of the lads. If all else fails, she’s always got her infamous party trick to fall back on: knocking back a shot from a glass balanced between her boobs. Not just a pretty face, Holly is also a career girl who often exceeds her sales targets at the local Santander call centre.

Demanding Holly says she can get any guy she wants and likes to keep her options open despite being in an eight-month relationship with Dan – who she openly admits is more like a ‘best friend’ than her lover. Describing herself as the most real ‘fake’ person you’ll ever come across, Holly often rounds off the night by getting into a scrap. Often it’s with girls she claims are are jealous because they don’t have the guts to wear as little as she does.

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