Jay Gardner

Geordie Shore JayDiva Jay is rarely pictured with his top on, but who can blame him with a body as buff as his? This deeply tanned stallion works his signature look of heavily waxed eyebrows and tight t-shirts, in an effort to get the lasses back to his bed. ‘Whoever’ & ‘whenever’ is Jay’s mantra in life.

Jay is a partying machine who hits the town every night and prides himself on having a different girl on speed dial for every day of the week. He says his worst nightmare would be starting a relationship in the Geordie Shore house.

University educated but recently made redundant from his role as a surveyor, Jay now devotes 24/7 to the G.T.L. lifestyle. In his world, looking good for the ladies and partying is what it’s all about and he doesn’t mind admitting he’s completely vain and materialistic when it comes down to living life the way he likes – even if this means having to move back in with his mum so he can afford the luxury lifestyle. This does not mean he lets his mum tidy up after him though – in fact Jay cannot stand anyone touching his belongings and describes himself as insanely anal when it comes to organisation.

Jay always gets himself looking as fit as possible before hitting the Toon. A typical day of preparation will see him hitting the gym twice – morning and afternoon – accompanied by a sunbed, a facial and making sure that every hair on his body is removed so that his muscles look more defined. Jay’s biggest fear in life is getting wrinkles so he’s even started making plans to have botox fillers when his pristine looks start to fade.

Jay’s biggest regret in life was giving up football when his social life started to kick in. He also fancies himself as a bit of an actor. His biggest role to date was appearing on the local news when he picked up his GCSE results at school. Jay is fun-loving and up for a laugh and generally gets on with everybody. A gentle giant, he’ll never start a fight on a night out, but if a mate’s in trouble he will happily step in to help.

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