Season 1 Episode 1

Episode: 1 (101)
Date: 24 May 2011
Estimated Viewers: 329,000
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It’s the first ever episode of the new MTV UK reality tv series. We finally get to meet the members of the cast after much anticipation, and seeing the type of personalities each one of them have. We also get to see where the cast will be staying for the first season. Which turns out to be a very nice Geordie Shore pad.

As you might of guessed the episode starts off with the group meeting up for the first time at the new house and introducing one another. Right away they get straight into drinking and having a good time. And without spoiling it for you, quite a few funny events happen!

The rest of the episode goes onto showing the group’s first job (Yup, they have to work!) and some of the antics they get up to on their first club sesh.

If you haven’t seen this episode use the links above, or you can read our recap with the full spoilers.

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