Daniel Thomas-Tuck

Daniel Thomas-TuckDan says he has always been a massive fan of the show: ‘Gary and Charlotte were my favourites. Charlotte’s just like me with the off-the-wall banter and I’m like Gary with the birds. He adds: ‘Gary will bang anything, but I’m picky. I’ve had opportunities to get with girls and I turn them down’.

Dan says he was a little nervous on his first night in the house and he made a ‘massive tool’ of himself.

Dan’s ideal woman would be Megan Fox, but in real-life he goes for any girl who is ‘up for a laugh and not miserable’. He’s also keen on Geordie Shore lover, Ellie Goulding, saying: ‘I might chat her up on Twitter’

Pictures of Geordie Shore Daniel:

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3 thoughts on “Daniel Thomas-Tuck”

  1. lmao ur a joke mate only reason ur on the show is to make fun of you hahaha mate grow some balls or just become a girl. No playa no swagg no geordie

  2. i’m from barnard castle too and we don’t need geordies and shores to have fun, we have a great local history and a mid-small sized morrisons

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