Vicky Pattison

Leggy Vicky VIP’s name is always on the list, but behind her killer strut is a sensitive girl who always looks out for her mates. Her aloof personality and perfect pout never fail to attract the lads, but lasses beware if you look at her the wrong way, as you’ll end up getting “swilled” (a drink poured over you!).

At the moment Vicky is working in a call centre where she’s already clocked up an impressive list of 15 sick days, 4 no-shows and 10 lates. Vicky used to ‘work the rope’ at some of Geordie Land’s top nightspots so is a well-known fixture on the scene. Her door policy of letting in more blokes than girls has earned her more than a few enemies but she doesn’t care, as this now means that when she gets her ‘tash on’ it’s VIP all the way. Vicky’s family are an important part of her life – which is a good thing as she still lives at home where she often loses the family cat under piles of her clothes.

Vicky prides herself on being honest and upfront with people and doesn’t mind telling girls who flaunt their bodies what she thinks of them. She’ll also happily drink any bloke under the table just for fun. When Vicky’s not at work she’s rarely up before 2pm unless she’s shopping or going to the gym, which are the only two activities in her world that don’t involve alcohol.

Vicky likes to look and feel good and takes a lot of pride in her body. Her only beauty flaw is a missing patch of hair where a girl pulled out her extensions during a scrap.

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6 thoughts on “Vicky Pattison”

  1. hi i need to know were you got your shoes from that you wore in the first episode the really high ones they were amazzzziinnn 

  2. Vcky just dump Dan. i know he is your boyfriend but if you dump him Ricci will be your new bf and he is much better suited to you than Dan ever was! every1 who watches geordie shore, no matter hoe old, knows that you are having a really tough time just take our advice and break it up with Dan. Ricci really likes you and u obviously really like ricci so just go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. what you are doing to dan is horrible, i really dislike that, your get annoyed when he sends you flowers’? if a boy sent me that it would be lovely! rikki doesn’t deserve to be lead on. don’t think you deserve any of them.

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