Season 4 Episode 4

Tuesday night’s Geordie Shore was crazy, and for those who didn’t have chance to watch it we have got the details below. You can also watch 5 clips of last night’s episode over on MTV UK. First clip below with a link to the others.

Episode description

The Geordie Shore house is a far from happy place with Vicky and Sophie still not talking and the rest of the house caught in the divide. Whilst James can’t wait to bring new girlfriend Kate into the family, there’s stormy seas ahead at the Shore when Charlotte confesses to her boyfriend about her late night visit to Gary’s bed.

Clip 1 of Episode 4

Rest of the clips can be found on MTV UK website – click here.

Missed Chaos in Cancun: Episode 6?

Sophie's leaving party

If you missed last night’s Geordie Shore: Chaos in Cancun episode 6, then here’s your chance to catch up before next weeks episode. This episode is definitely a must watch, huge events take place. Vicky and Ricci fall out big time, which leads to Ricci getting a super slap in the face from Volcano Vicky. Sophie has decided to leave the house after feeling unhappy for sometime. Charlotte admits her feelings (again) for Gaz, While Gaz pulls the two lasses from Holly and has a threesome… twice.

If you missed this episode head over to our episode guide for links to watch online.

Missed Chaos in Cancun: Episode 4?

If you missed the crazy Geordie Shore episode from last night (definitely our favourite so far!) then here’s your chance to catch up. Recap and screen shots below, plus a link to our episode guide where you will find links to watch online.

Recap (Spoilers)
The chaos in Cancun continues as Gaz celebrates his birthday true Geordie style, with Charlotte taking her holiday romance to the next level and Volcano Vicky erupting as Cancun Chris gets sweet revenge sending her and Holly on a road trip from hell. When Holly returns alone Ricci sets out to find his missing girlfriend and Holly makes up for lost time with her devotion to patient James paying huge dividends.

Screen shots

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