Season 5 Episode 1 Online

Goodbye Newcastle!

The first episode of the new Geordie Shore series is now available online – and what a an episode. The house mates get a surprise from Anna when they are told they will be partying and working in Amsterdam. The girls will be organising stag parties and the lads hen parties.

Charlotte and Holly at Work Gaz and Scott at work

Add in a bit of the old Geordie Shore drama and you have one hell of an episode. Gaz confesses some of his feelings for Charlotte in a conversation with Holly. Holly gets pied by James after he told his worldie girlfriend Kate, he wouldn’t talk to her. Vicky and Ricci go for a romantic bike ride, and the list goes on.

Tweedledum and TweedletwatWatch Season 5 Episode 1 online now. Click here.


Season 5 Euro Tour Starts Tomorrow!

Season 5 Euro TourGeordie Shore Season 5 Euro tour begins tomorrow, and we at Geordie Shore Online will be providing full episode guides, screen shots and more from the latest episodes. As normal, the episode will air at 10pm only on MTV! So make sure you have saved in your reminders.

The new series will see the gang touring some of Europe’s best stag and hen destinations, with bride-to-be Vicky and fiancé Ricci rejoining Charlotte, Gary, Sophie, Holly, James, Dan and Scott to party their way around Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague and Tignes.


With eight new episodes to come, boss Anna will be giving the Geordies a variety of jobs to do on their jaunt, from teaching cocktail classes and running bar crawls to hosting limousine buses packed with frisky hens.

Will Vicky and Ricci get on this series, or will they fall out and leave again? Will Gaz and Charlotte get together? (Check twitter hash tag #chaz), Will Dan join Gaz and Scott in the bucking squad? Just some of the questions we can’t wait to find more on this series.

Geordie Shore James’ Secret

After watching the preview of next week’s Geordie Shore (403). Everyone was left wondering – what is James’ secret? We’ve been laughing at some of the rumours. The most popular one being – Is James gay? It’s Jame… Don’t be silly!

According to recent news articles, James is loved up after finding his very own worldy. He was spotted holidaying in Dubai with a mystery brunette. They look great together and I’m sure you will agree from the following pictures. We hope he doesn’t do anything stupid this series while in a relationship. Or do we? We do like drama after all.

News and Image Source: Daily Mail