Episode Guide

Geordie Shore Series 1

From the city that gave us Cheryl Cole, Ant & Dec and Gazza, meet the real Angels Of The North as the girls strut their stuff in mini-skirts shorter than belts and wearing more layers of fake tan than seems humanly possible, whilst the guys pump iron at the gym and drink alcohol as if it’s going out of fashion. Expect the kind of language that could make Roy Chubby Brown blush and the sort of behaviour that would embarrass even a Big Brother contestant as MTV’s cameras follow some of Newcastle’s finest lads and lasses, as we sneak a peek into their glamorous lives and party lifestyles. This is Geordie Shore, hold on tight!

Geordie Shore Series 2

The Geordies are back for another bite of the party cherry – join your favourite lads and lasses as well as two brand new cast members on Tyneside. Time may have passed since Season 1 and Magaluf but your favourite Geordies are still as entertaining as ever and misbehaving more than you can imagine. Expect shouting, screaming, slapping and more night-time naughtiness than a parliament of naughty owls on day release from the naughty step.

Geordie Shore Series 3: Chaos in Cancun

The drama continues as the cast of Geordie Shore pack their bags, leaving the grey skies of Newcastle behind them as they jet off to Mexico for Cancun’s Spring Break. Bringing their fake tan and lashes with them, it’s winter sun that you dream of: beaches, partying and pulling: and with a million Americans to choose from, life couldn’t be better. With unresolved issues between Charlotte and Gary, Vicky and Ricci going from hero to zero and back again, Holly getting what she’s after and Jay landing a bombshell which leaves the house rocking. Geordie Shore’s on form once more.

Geordie Shore Series 4

Fresh off the plane from causing chaos in Cancun, the Geordie Shore lads and lasses are going back to their roots where it all began – the hallowed turf of Newcastle. There were tears when Jay and Rebecca left at the end of series 3, but fear not Geordie fans, MTV have found two brand new mint boys to join the Geordie gang! Step forward new beef on the block: Dan and Scott!

Geordie Shore Series 5 Euro Tour

The Geordies will be put to work teaching cocktail classes, running bar crawls and hosting limousine buses packed with frisky hens, but there’ll be plenty of time to party along the way. From the temptations of Amsterdam to the club scene in Barcelona, tashing on in the icy climes of Prague and sampling the après ski scene in France, it’s going to be a trip to remember!