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After a fun filled summer in Cancun, the Geordie Shore gang are back in their playground and they are back with a bang. With two new spaces in the house it can only mean one thing, fresh meet for the family. They are all back for more obscene nights out as they are ready to take Newcastle by storm. Holly continues to chase James around the house, Ricci and Vicky do what they can to make sure they make it down the aisle whilst Charlotte has some big news that will keep Gary on his toes.

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Series 4 Episode 1 (401) Preview

Just 15 minutes to go till Geordie Shore Series 4! We have a quick preview of tonight’s episode to get you ready. The group are back in Newcastle. Charlotte has a boyfriend, but will it last or will she go back to Gaz? How will the group get on with Scott and Dan – the two new lads that will be replacing Jay and Rebecca. 6 weeks of mayhem. In the words of Charlotte, “Tash on bitches”.

Geordie Shore Series 4 Tonight

Geordie Shore - Series 4

It’s Tuesday 6th November, and that only means one thing. Geordie Shore is back and on tonight at 10pm on MTV! Hopefully this series will also follow the previous series’ style and have 8 episodes because we know we’re not the only ones that have missed it.

The Geordie’s are finally back in Newcastle after spending the spring break in Cancun, Mexico (Series 3). This time, changes have been made after the unfortunate departure of Jay and Rebecca. Two new Geordie lads have joined the ranks – Scott and Dan. But how will the group take to the two new arrivals?

Reasons to watch with Gaz and Charlotte

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Geordie Shore – Series 3 Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of Geordie Shore: Chaos in Cancun is over, and what an episode! Brilliant start to the new series. If you’ve not had chance to watch the episode yet, we will soon have it available on Geordie Shore Online.

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Here’s a few screen shots from the official Geordie Shore page. More are available on this episode on Geordie Shore Series 3 Episode 1.