Geordie Shore Series 3 Episode 3 Preview

Geordie Shore WrestlingThe preview is finally out for tomorrows episode of Geordie Shore. Geordie Shore Series 3 Episode 3 will be on at the usual time (10pm) on MTV. Here’s a preview video below.

Sophie is elated as Joel surprises her with a visit. But will he be able to behave himself in paradise? The boys try out Mexican Wrestling but it all ends very badly for James who leaves in an ambulance. And with everyone fearing that his worldie mission may now be over, Holly moves in on her incapacitated prey. At last Charlotte finds herself a fitty, but nothing can prepare Gaz as she unleashes the full force of her frustration on him and the house.

Series 2 Episode 3 Recap

Geordie Shore series 2 episode 3 is over and what an episode. Here’s a brief recap of what happend. If you haven’t watched this episode then head over to our episode page.


  • Gaz and Jay manage to sort out and move on from their arguing over Rebecca, from the previous episode.
  • Anna hands the house mates new jobs. Gary and James had to attend an 18th birthday party wearing only a pinny! While the rest were to host a party on the limo bus. Rebecca also trys all the tricks in the book to pull Jay.
  • Rebecca takes the role of wing man for James and hooks him up with a girl in the club. Which he finally takes back to the house and gets his leg over.
  • It’s also Sophie’s birthday and to help cheer her up (because her boyfriend can’t make it), everyone helps out by putting up banners/balloons before going out. She even has her lips plumped up. (See pic).
  • Vicky’s boyfriend turns up and throws her into a awkward situation with Ricci. She doesn’t want to hurt her boyfriend, but is starting to have feelings for Ricci.
  • and a whole lot more…

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Geordie Shore Season 2 Episode 3