Chaos in Cancun: Episode 8 – Final Episode Preview

Series 3 Cast infront of Villa

The amazing series 3 of Geordie Shore will be coming to a end tonight. A whole lot of events have happened over the 8 episode series, and tonight will be no different. Two huge final stories will be featured in tonight’s series finale. The first being Jay leaving Geordie Shore… for good, and the second with Ricci finally popping the question and proposing to Vicky.

We have been lucky enough to have been sent the following clips from tonight’s episode. Which you can check out below!

Jay leaves Geordie ShoreJay leaves Geordie Shore
As Newcastle’s finest come to the end of their Spring Break adventure in Cancun the party is about to end for one of them… for good. As the crew gather around the table to celebrate one of their last evenings Jay breaks the news that he’s to head back to the UK, and is quitting Geordie Shore for good. The girls immediately breakdown and cry, and James is beside himself “everyone is in bits, no one expected this. All the girls are crying, Jay is even crying. It’s like the worst news I’ve ever heard.” Not one for getting emotional Gaz puts his head in his hands and starts crying “I’m absolutely devastated. Imagine being here without Jay is just f******* killing us.”

Ricci proposes to Vicky

Ricci proposes to Vicky
It’s been a long while in the making but, as Newcastle’s finest come to the end of their Spring Break adventure in Cancun, the sound of wedding bells are in the air. As Ricci and Vicky enjoy a romantic meal Vicky tells Ricci that she loves him. “I love you too” says Ricci “and I wanna prove it.” Ricci points to the sky and says to Vicky “check that”. Vicky looks up and sees a plane flying overhead with the tail message: ‘Vicky will you marry me?’ Vicky turns to Ricci, starts to cry and says yes. “I’m not the girl who gets proposed to by the man of her dreams. And all of a sudden I am that girl and I’m so so happy” says Vicky.

Make sure you tune in for tonight’s episode of Geordie Shore at 10pm on MTV.

Geordie Shore Couple Ricci & Vicky Engaged!

Rick and Vicky Dinner
Throughout series 2 of Geordie Shore we’ve seen Ricci and Vicky on and off trying to make a go of a relationship, even with the awkward situation of Vicky having feelings for her at the time boyfriend, Dan. It’s been officially confirmed that during the filming of series 3 – Chaos in Cancun – Ricci made the most of Cancun’s beautiful surroundings and popped the question to Vicky.

Here’s what Ricci and Vicky have to say:


When I came into the Geordie Shore house I had been single for a long time and certainly didn’t expect to fall in love – but that’s what happened. I couldn’t be happier with Vicky and know I want to spend the rest of my life with her.


I’m so excited to be engaged to Ricci. He’s an amazing person and I knew that as soon as he walked through the door and into the house, there was an instant connection between us. I’m very lucky to have found him.

From Geordie Shore Online, we wish both of them the best and good luck. Which they will need in the Geordie Shore house!