Season 4 Episode 4

Tuesday night’s Geordie Shore was crazy, and for those who didn’t have chance to watch it we have got the details below. You can also watch 5 clips of last night’s episode over on MTV UK. First clip below with a link to the others.

Episode description

The Geordie Shore house is a far from happy place with Vicky and Sophie still not talking and the rest of the house caught in the divide. Whilst James can’t wait to bring new girlfriend Kate into the family, there’s stormy seas ahead at the Shore when Charlotte confesses to her boyfriend about her late night visit to Gary’s bed.

Clip 1 of Episode 4

Rest of the clips can be found on MTV UK website – click here.

Geordie Shore James’ Secret

After watching the preview of next week’s Geordie Shore (403). Everyone was left wondering – what is James’ secret? We’ve been laughing at some of the rumours. The most popular one being – Is James gay? It’s Jame… Don’t be silly!

According to recent news articles, James is loved up after finding his very own worldy. He was spotted holidaying in Dubai with a mystery brunette. They look great together and I’m sure you will agree from the following pictures. We hope he doesn’t do anything stupid this series while in a relationship. Or do we? We do like drama after all.

News and Image Source: Daily Mail